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Alicona Workshop Displayed the Latest Optical Metrology Solutions for Industry

Alicona Workshop Displayed the Latest Optical Metrology Solutions for Industry

Added to MTDCNC by Alicona Metrology (UK) Ltd on 04 July 2017

Alicona held a very successful workshop on 14th June in Derby where we displayed how our optical metrology systems provide measurement solutions for large and small components in industry, both in production and in the lab/measurement room.

With 30+ attendees from the Automotive, Aerospace and general engineering markets the day featured, how you can inspect critical features on large parts such as used in gas turbine engines, smaller high pressure valves and components for the automobile industry, cutting tools to ensure optimum machining quality and micro parts such as micro gear wheels.

Delegates also saw how to automatically measure surface finish and quantify shape and size of local surface defects (in the micron range) on large components, both in production and repair and overhaul. Other subjects included valve measurement, roundness and surface finish.
On display was one of our collaborative systems (Cobots) and a number of our smaller toolroom type systems.

If you manufacture large or small components this workshop explored the opportunities that optical metrology systems offer to complement existing metrology methods and increase measurement capability in the measurement room. Please contact us to learn more about the capabilities we offer.

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