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Why there's a need for off-line tool presetting
Why there's a need for off-line tool presetting

Why there's a need for off-line tool presetting

Added to MTDCNC by ZOLLER UK on 04 February 2016

At Zoller UK, we’re often asked why there’s a need for off-line tool presetting, when most companies set tools on-the-machine. The simple answer is that machine tool kinematics and measuring functionality restricts the accurate and repeatable setting of tools. This is compounded by the unnecessary downtime on machine setting creates, which should be reduced in order to ensure an efficient manufacturing process.

Is your business affected from any of the following? 

•    Machine downtime
•    High scrap/rework levels
•    High tooling costs
•    High labour costs
•    Slow production

Zoller presetting systems allow you to inspect the geometric characteristics of your tooling prior to use, including the concentricity of the tool assembly. This brochure will outline the many easy to quantify advantages of using a Zoller presetter, which includes longer tool life, more accurate machining and better parts which are consistently accurate.

This brochure will also explain the benefits of the preinstalled tool management software that comes with all Zoller presetters and how it can help with your production.

This informative brochure will allow you to access the benefits of presetting and understand how this process can transform your business. You will be presented with the facts to qualify our benefit claims, this could radically change your production efficiencies and ultimately increase your profitability.

Take a look at the brochure here


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