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Cell Delivers Real-Time Data On The Shop Floor

Cell Delivers Real-Time Data On The Shop Floor

Added to MTDCNC by Hexagon MI on 05 June 2017

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is offering demonstrations of its versatile, automated white light sensor system for measuring a vast array of objects from small parts to complete car bodies.

The cell's sensor takes large, Field of View images of the component and extracts  geometric feature and surface point cloud data. Designed for inline, nearline and offline applications, it provides the user with actionable, real-time information on the shop floor.

According to Hexagon, the cell is unaffected by working in harsh production line environments which can include fluctuating temperatures, vibrations and variable lighting.

The cell, supplied with folding doors for easy transport, can be configured in a variety of formats to suit customer requirements, explained Jon Kimber, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's robotics and automation product line specialist.

"We can use any number and size of turntables, robots, white light sensor heads and linear tracks to fit the application whether it's whole cars or small, individual components," he added.

While mainly used for automotve sheet metal applications, the cell was also being increasingly employed by customers in the forging, casting and aerospace sectors, said Jon.

For more information on booking a customer trial, call Hexagon on 0870 446 2667 or visit hexagonmi.com.

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