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R A Labone Improve Production and Quality Control with the CNC 500 from OGP UK.
R A Labone Improve Production and Quality Control with the CNC 500 from OGP UK.
R A Labone Improve Production and Quality Control with the CNC 500 from OGP UK.
R A Labone Improve Production and Quality Control with the CNC 500 from OGP UK.

R A Labone Improve Production and Quality Control with the CNC 500 from OGP UK.

Added to MTDCNC by OGP UK Ltd on 01 March 2016

R A Labone, a leading supplier of precision plastic mouldings, insert mouldings, metal pressings and various types of assemblies, has installed two CNC 500 machines to help improve their production processes and quality control. Acquired from OGP UK, not only have the machines helped to remove production bottlenecks, improve accuracy and save time, but it has helped them to secure more work in the automotive and medical industry; particularly with multi-cavity tooling.

Established in 1963, R A Labone is part of a global network of privately owned manufacturing companies across Europe, with sites in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine. R A Labone supply high quality products to numerous global blue chip customers, primarily in the automotive, medical and electrical equipment sectors. With over 50 years’ experience, R A Labone has maintained its strong reputation for quality and reliability, achieving all the major quality standards applicable to their business and are certified to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.

R A Labone, at their production facility in Derbyshire, manufacture a wide range of parts including components for power steering systems, fuel systems, tyre pressure sensors, engine management systems as well as a wide range of medical injection mouldings, offering their customers an accurate Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR), which they produce before going into mass production of high quality components and also the use of sophisticated measuring machines for ongoing process checks.

R A Labone previously had to co-share their measurement machinery which was causing a back log in production, the age of their old machines was also an issue, with Bryan Brownlow, R A Labone Senior Quality Technician commenting ‘‘the old measuring machines aren’t supported anymore, which meant we were not benefiting from the latest technology. We have a lot of throughput and need to perform many different operations on these machines, but the old machines were falling behind and couldn’t keep up with production.’‘

As a result of this inefficiency, R A Labone decided to upgrade their old technology to keep up with customer demand. They researched the market and chose two SmartScope CNC 500 measuring machines from OGP UK. The CNC 500 was chosen for its ease of operation and its rapid, precise measurement capabilities.

R A Labone state that they have seen tangible benefits since installing the two OGP machines, Mr Brownlow commented ‘‘An increase in work and throughput has emerged since the introduction of these machines, particularly in the automotive industry. We’ve also seen a huge benefit in our ability to accurately measure multi cavity tooling; particularly on a complex tyre pressure sensor.’‘ 

Designed to withstand the rigours of a production environment, the CNC 500 offers accurate, multi sensor measurement, making it the ideal choice for companies involved in Injection Moulding. Components can be automatically measured to the highest levels of accuracy in the most hostile environments. The CNC 500 is a single, multi-feature metrology centre allowing the capability to move a part through three axes of orientation by combining 3D co-ordinate measurement using touch probe with non-contact video measurement.

The CNC 500 assures a rapid, smooth part transition through quality control and robust measurement performance. Capable of multi sensor measurement, it comes with a high quality AccuCentric zoom lens that auto calibrates with every magnification change as standard. Operation makes it easy for any user with Mr Brownlow adding, ‘‘In comparison to other machines, the way the program is displayed to operators makes it very user friendly. Programme generation is by Teach and Learn methodology, you can see features building as you program and the editing is also very easy compared to other manufacturer’s machines’‘

Since working with OGP UK, Mr Brownlow commented ‘‘It has been a very positive working relationship, from initially specifying the correct technology, which involved telephone calls, emails, through to an onsite demonstration.’‘ He continued, ‘‘We’ve never had any issues, contact is just a phone call away, nothing seems to be too much trouble. Servicing is attended to in a matter of 24 hours; it’s really been a superb experience.’‘

According to Mr Brownlow, since installing the OGP UK machines, the benefits have been impressive, adding ‘‘The benefits we’ve gained from having these machines has meant that they have already started to pay back on the investment,’‘ adding ‘‘With the new CMMs, we can pick a new part up, complete a programme for it and then automatically turn the program into a multi-part routine, which has enabled us to recoup money through full cavity inspection and by automatic operation. We have seen huge time savings and accuracy is guaranteed.’‘  R A Labone continue to maintain its reputation for supplying high quality components and accommodate their customers’ requirements with more efficiency due to total quality control.


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