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Measurement Solutions offers impressive COORD3 CMM

Measurement Solutions offers impressive COORD3 CMM

Added to MTDCNC by Measurement Solutions on 22 November 2014

The COORD3  line of CMM's from Measurement Solutions is a name that has been in the industry for over 40 years, but what do MTDCNC readers really know about this line....

Firstly, the COORD3 product line is one of the most comprehensive and largest ranges of CMM's available.  Since 1973, the COORD3 name has been synonymous with measuring machines, with over 3,000 worldwide installations. Established as one of Europe's leading producers of CMM's, COORD3 is also unique within the CMM industry since many other CMM manufacturers ( competitors) are regular customers. So, what's in the product line-up...

Bridge type CMM's are the most commonly found in the machine shop and Measurement Solutions has a multitude of different solutions available to meet the demands of the end user. This includes the ARES 'entry-level' CMM  that is fully automatic, compact and with a measuring range up to 1000x650x500, the ARES range covers most workshop requirements with ease. Alongside this, is the HERA range that is the workhorse of the range. It can carry out measurements with both single point or scanning probe systems and it also offers multi-sensor temperature compensation to provide measuring room accuracy on the shop-floor.

Doing exactly what it says on the label, the all-new UNIVERSAL range combines a new lightweight structure to provide a high performance CMM with unquestionable accuracy. The UNIVERSAL offers by far the best price/performance ratio in its size bracket of machine, offering extreme performance in a larger than normal measuring volume. Completing the Bridge type of machines from Measurement Solutions is the KRONOS range. It has been designed for larger scale applications and is a viable alternative to large scale gantry CMM's. With measuring ranges up to 4000x2000x1500, and the ability to handle parts weighing up to 5 tonnes, the KRONOS range completes the bridge machine line-up.

Moving down the route of Gantry CMM technology, Measurement Solutions can offer its impressive COORD3 range of Gantry CMM's for measuring large-scale objects. Gantry architecture allows operators to have total accessibility to the work area. This makes the line of machines ideal for use within heavy industry and large structure applications, such as the aerospace, automotive and power generation sectors. The company can also boast to have built most of the largest Gantry style CMM machines ever built.

As technology strives forward, so does the complexity of the workpiece and by default, the required measuring solution. To this end, Measurement Solutions can supply the COORD3 range of horizontal arms that are the ideal solution for measuring thin-walled components such as car bodies, panels, doors, vehicle glass, dashboards. The machines are also suitable for the inspection of large mechanical parts such as engine blocks and castings.

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