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Hexagon Machine Measure Up To Nuclear Inspection Role
Hexagon Machine Measure Up To Nuclear Inspection Role
Hexagon Machine Measure Up To Nuclear Inspection Role

Hexagon Machine Measure Up To Nuclear Inspection Role

Added to MTDCNC by Hexagon MI on 12 April 2016

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence UK is playing a key role in the development of advanced production processes for the civil nuclear industry.

The leading measurement solutions provider has supplied a new Leitz PMM-C 12.10.7, an ultra-high precision co-ordinate measuring machine, which offers sub-micron resolution of large parts and samples, to the Nuclear AMRC.

It means the centre, led by the University of Sheffield and based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, now boasts the most accurate and largest scale metrology capabilities within the High Value Manufacturing Catapult network of research centres.

The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Leitz PMM-C 12.10.7 was chosen for its ability to inspect components and samples up to 1.2m in length and weighing up to 1,750kg. It is also equipped with a Precitec LR chromatic confocal probe for non-contact measurement of critical faces to nanometre resolutions, Profiler R sensor for automated tactile surface roughness measurement and an ultra-high precision rotary table to aid inspection and measurement of rotatives, blades, gears and splines.

“We chose the Leitz because of its stability and accuracy. Quality is critical in the civil nuclear industry and the machine’s sub-micron accuracy allows us to reach a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process,” explained Carl Hitchens, head of machining and metrology, Nuclear AMRC.

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“We can then use this understanding to inform, improve and optimize the process, helping companies to demonstrate that parts made by new processes can meet the quality requirements of their customers,” he added.

On-machine inspection of large high value components is a major area of study for the Nuclear AMRC where a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence DEA DELTA, the largest gantry CMM available in any research centre, and Hexagon’s PC-DMIS NC machine tool metrology software are also in use.

Multi-sensor systems are the future so the investment in the Leitz platform not only enables the centre to be an early adopter of next generation technologies, but also ensures the research team can validate and test systems with the support of Hexagon, a Tier One member, and other manufacturing partners, said Carl.

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