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Measurement Solutions Introduce Two New Metrology Products
Measurement Solutions Introduce Two New Metrology Products

Measurement Solutions Introduce Two New Metrology Products

Added to MTDCNC by Measurement Solutions on 11 May 2016

After a successful MACH exhibition, Measurement Solutions is now delighted to announce the arrival of two brand new products, to make up the most complete portable metrology solution to ever hit the market. The new HandyPROBE Next™ portable optical CMM and the MetraSCAN3D™ metrology-grade 3D scanner are now available from the Peterborough based metrology specialists. 

The impressive new HandyPROBE Next™ has been introduced to deliver benefits beyond anything else on the market. With regard to precision, the HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM provides two times more accurate measurements than previous systems with a volumetric accuracy of up to 0.064mm over a huge 9.1m3 measuring volume. Due to its TRUaccuracy technology, HandyPROBE Next™ accuracy is according to ASME B89.4.22 standards regardless of the instabilities of the surrounding environment, so accuracy is assured even when used outside a traditional measuring room.

HandyPROBE Next™ incorporates a wireless hand-held probe that enables the instant capture of coordinates. This instantaneous measurement can be conducted while being free of any rigid measurement setup. Easily detachable SMART Probes enable the user to quickly change the probe according to measurement needs, with automatic probe recognition ensuring that the measuring software is updated accordingly. Furthermore, the new system offers a greater, extendable measurement volume as it can be easily and dynamically extended, without the need for cumbersome “leapfrog” moves or complicated “bundle adjustments” - unlike measuring arms and laser trackers. This provides users with portable measuring arm ease of use with the accuracy and measuring volume of a laser tracker based probe system, all built into a new ergonomic design that is extremely sturdy and robust to enhance reliability and performance on the shop-floor.

Alongside the launch of the new HandyPROBE Next™, comes the latest generation MetraSCAN3D™ metrology-grade 3D scanner. While boasting the same volumetric accuracy and measuring volume of the HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM, the new MetraSCAN3D™ is 1.5 times more accurate than previous models and it is regarded as the fastest hand-held 3D scanner on the market. This is because it features the highest measurement rate among all laser scanners with up to 480,000 measurements per second - 12 times faster than the previous generation. Available in 350 and 750 models, customers can choose the speed and accuracy levels to match their specific requirements. Compared to the previous models, the latest MetraSCAN3D™ metrology-grade 3D scanner has also been completely re-designed with a light-weight, sturdy and ergonomic design that significantly enhances user experience. Unlike traditional single line laser scanners, the MetraSCAN3D™ has up to 15 laser measuring lines available, providing rapid area based scanning like a white light system, all built into a lightweight, hand-held device.

In conjunction with the MetraSCAN3D™, an all-new MetraSCAN-R™ will soon be available for use with automated robot cells, to provide high speed, fully automated 3D scanning and inspection of parts on the shop-floor. The system will be available with full integration in the latest Metrolog X4 i-Robot inspection software, to provide an “off-the-shelf” solution for automated inspection.

At the core of these innovative new solutions is the C-Track™ optical tracker. This system features a new, more aggressive design with a reinforced structure for improved stability as well as an integrated handle to ease transport. Based on the latest USB3 camera technology, the all-new C-Track™ offers greater accuracy and faster measuring speed than previous systems. By offering 2 versions of the C-Track, Standard and ELITE, users can choose measuring accuracy according to their application requirements in conjunction with the HandyPROBE Next™ and MetraSCAN3D™. While both systems offer a single measuring volume up to 14.1m3, this can be easily extended to measure much larger objects.

Users have the possibility to select any combination of the C-Track™ optical tracker, HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM and MetraSCAN3D™ to enable them to configure a personalized measuring solution according to their own specific measurement needs, according to accuracy, speed, measuring volume and budget.

All of the new systems are now available for demonstration. For further details on the new product launches, please visit the Measurement Solutions website via http://measurement-solutions.co.uk

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