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Blum 'Touches' metrology perfection
Blum 'Touches' metrology perfection

Blum 'Touches' metrology perfection

Added to MTDCNC by Blum-Novotest on 31 March 2015

Blum NovoTest is delighted to introduce its exciting range of touch probes and FormControl 5-axis contour measurement software. The range includes the impressive market leading TC50 Workpiece Touch Probe and the TC52.

With a diameter of 40mm and an effective length from spindle nose to stylus tip of only 112mm, the TC52 sets new standards. This system has a completely innovative opto-electronic measuring unit and compared with competitor probes, the TC52 has the same measuring results when probing in various direc¬tions.

For higher accuracy, versatility and reliability, Blum-Novotest is presenting its outstanding TC53-10 probe that is used on milling, turning or combined mill/turn machines for tool and workpiece measurement. This solution compliments the TC53-20 probe, an alternative to the proven Z-Nano IR for tool setting in all three axes. The TC53-20 and TC53-10 probes incorporate Blum’s revolutionary ´Shark360` technology that introduces an ingeniously-designed face gear mechanism in the body of the probe assembly to ensure maximum accuracy in all directions for measuring with off-centre styli.

To support the measurement of the workpiece and working in conjunction with the TC range of Blum spindle probes, the company has its unique FormControl V3 software. This latest addition to the FormControl software family is ideal for 5-axis applications. It also allows the end user to eliminate additional CMM set-up times


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