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When MTD met Zoller at Advanced Engineering
When MTD met Zoller at Advanced Engineering
When MTD met Zoller at Advanced Engineering

When MTD met Zoller at Advanced Engineering

Added to MTDCNC by ZOLLER UK on 13 November 2014

Interest in the MTD on-line news service just keeps growing with the addition of Zoller to the website as a subscription member. For those that are unfamiliar with the Zoller brand of products, the company is a manufacturer of precision tool pre-setting, measurement and management systems.

The Zoller product range is used by the likes of Airbus, Bosch and Volkswagen to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. The company manufactures and supplies everything from high-end pre-setting and measurement systems right down to SME-level equipment. What this brings to the MTD readership is the latest news and developments from a company that is the benchmark in its arena.

At the Advanced Engineering Show this week, the MTD team spoke with Leigh Tricklebank from Zoller who gave us a brief overview of the company, the product lines and its perception of the rapidly expanding Advanced Engineering Exhibition platform. Mr  Tricklebank said: 'We have an exceptional line of pre-setting and measurement systems that are suitable for a diverse range of manufacturing companies. This was evident at the exhibition this week with the high number of leads and phenomenal interest in our products on show.'

At the exhibition, Zoller demonstrated its PomBasic system for the process-oriented inspection of drills, milling cutters and countersinks in incident light and the renowned SmartTcheck 600 Venturion system. The Venturion line is an advanced pre-setter that has been designed with enhanced structural integrity to accommodate tooling weights up to 200kg.

Integral to the machine is the ACE (Auto Clamping Element) Spindle, which provides accuracy up to 2 microns. The spindle receives all tool workholding systems, which ensures the ultimate in flexibility. The Venturion systems have a measuring envelope up to 1600mm in the Z-axis and can handle diameters up to 1250mm, making it the ideal compliment for any machine shop that wants to improve its precision, tool life and surface finishes whilst reducing forces on the machine spindle.


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