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Probe Precision Potential At MACH 2016 With Measurement Solutions
Probe Precision Potential At MACH 2016 With Measurement Solutions

Probe Precision Potential At MACH 2016 With Measurement Solutions

Added to MTDCNC by Measurement Solutions on 19 January 2016

For businesses that have witnessed the limited flexibility of portable CMM's on the factory floor, engineers can now eradicate the inherent issues and realise boundless measuring opportunities with the new HandyPROBE portable CMM from Measurement Solutions Ltd. To be shown on Stand 5602 at MACH 2016, the HandyPROBE is the only system available to resolve the limited capabilities of portable CMMs


On its stand at MACH, Measurement Solutions will highlight the benefits of the arm-free, HandyPROBE portable CMM and its C-Track dual camera sensor that combine to deliver highly accurate 3D point measurements. HandyPROBE is a handheld, wire-free, arm-less measuring system that allows users to move freely around the part without having to wrestle with a fixed arm or having to worry about line of sight of a laser tracker. The lightweight HandyPROBE means the system can be used for long periods of time with minimal operator fatigue. Automatic alignment using passive reflectors provides a rapid method of aligning parts mounted in fixtures.


Compared to existing portable CMM technology such as portable arms and laser trackers, the HandyPROBE provides total freedom of movement. The result is significantly improved productivity for the end user, something the Measurement Solutions engineers will be highlighting at MACH.


The HandyPROBE is supplied with Creaform's TRUaccuracy technology that ensures highly accurate measurements, regardless of the measurement environment. The TRUaccuracy package completely eliminates the effects of instability, vibration, thermal changes and other variable parameters that may prove detrimental to final readings.


A user-guided calibration procedure can be carried out by even an unskilled operator, to quickly re-calibrate the HandyPROBE. Unlike all other portable systems that are only certified once a year, the system can be re-certified on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis using the traceable gauge that is supplied with every system – the operator guidance makes it impossible to calibrate the system incorrectly. In this way, the HandyPROBE delivers constant, reliable accuracy throughout its entire life cycle.
Depending on the choice of C-Track sensor, the HandyPROBE portable CMM has a measuring volume up to almost 15m3. However, unlike other measuring systems, the measuring volume can be easily extended using the dynamic referencing capability of the system. The portability of the HandyPROBE is second-to-none, making it possible to inspect or reverse engineer parts and assemblies with unequalled speed, precision, mobility and flexibility. 


In comparison to a measuring arm, the HandyPROBE guarantees higher accuracy credit to its TRUaccuracy technology. The system is also easier to operate, has no encoders or moving parts to reduce maintenance requirements and it has a far greater measuring range.  And, with no table, heavy duty stands or arms required, there is nothing on the market that is more portable and flexible. 


Like all the metrology products in the Measurement Solutions' stable, the HandyPROBE is supplied with innovative software for everything from basic measuring applications through to advanced and complex 3D parts. The VXinspect software that is compatible with the HandyPROBE is ideal for basic measuring applications, as it offers users a highly functional yet easy-to-use interface. For more demanding applications, the HandyPROBE has been fully integrated into the Metrologic Group range of Metrolog X4 software, providing inspection solutions for highly complex geometries. If you want further information on the latest measuring technology in the industry or just want to discuss your metrology problems with an expert, the Measurement Solutions experts will be available at MACH 2016 on Stand 5602, right next to the main entrance in Hall 5.

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