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Renishaw probe solutions from XYZ Machine Tools
Renishaw probe solutions from XYZ Machine Tools

Renishaw probe solutions from XYZ Machine Tools

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 23 July 2015

As one of the UK's most popular machining centre ranges, the VMC line-up from XYZ will prove even more attractive this summer with the offer of a free Renishaw Probe on all new machine purchases.

For manufacturers that want to buy a new machine tool that delivers tool and component probing, the XYZ give away is available until the end of September. The offer will see XYZ give its customers a 'Renishaw Primo Probe' that would normally cost £2,791 +VAT, completely free!

And There's More...

XYZ is making this proposition even more attractive by giving customers their first 6 six months worth of user tokens, normally worth £430 +VAT, completely free. So, after the first token expires, customers have the  following options:

1. Buy a token for £430+VAT to continue using the probe: it will last 6 months and during this time the whole package is covered by Renishaw's 'Primo Total Protect'. This can be purchased every 6 months and will always be covered by 'Primo Total Protect'. It will not start counting the hours until it is installed into the probe, but once fitted it cannot be switched off. 
2. Buy a lifetime Upgrade credit token for £2,450 + VAT (please note buying this does NOT include Primo Total Protect).
3. Give us the 'Primo Probe' back and we will give you a refund.

The limited period offer is available on XYZ's complete line of machining centres and this includes everything from the smallest 2-OP portable VMC, the popular line of Mini-Mill machines and the complete VMC range with machine bed length sizes from 710mm to 3m.

So, Why use the Renishaw Primo Probes?

The Primo line provides rapid and accurate tool and part setting. This gives the end user a massive saving on manually setting tools and setting up of parts. By providing quick and consistent setting times, customers can realise time savings of up to 90% when compared to manual methods. Furthermore, the system improves setting accuracy. It also reduces the errors that can be associated with manually entering data and calculating offsets. The spin-off from reduced operator intervention is reduced scrap rates as the probe confirms part alignment and identifies errors. In addition, this reduces operator costs. 

By detecting broken or incorrect tool options, the Primo performs automatic tool verification and broken tool detection allowing for corrective action. This means it can call or text the operator or call up a sister tool in the case of an error. 

Do you need to know anything further than XYZ is offering its high quality machining centres with the Renishaw Primo probe? If so, please get in touch with XYZ for further details...

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