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Zoller. Safer, simpler, flexible to the finished part
Zoller. Safer, simpler, flexible to the finished part

Zoller. Safer, simpler, flexible to the finished part

Added to MTDCNC by ZOLLER UK on 08 October 2015

Key prerequisites for competitive manufacturing today are process reliability and response speed.

Process reliability and just-in-time production are prerequisites to meet today’s demanding manufacturing requirements.

The first of these depends absolutely on unique tool identification and process-reliable, or end-to-end transfer of tool data.

The ability to respond quickly to change requires the use of correspondingly flexible and expandable systems. 

ZOLLER UK solutions offer both: Integrating the existing production assets and  processes, and flexible evolution options to meet the requirements of tomorrow.

ZOLLER UK offer unique solutions to integrate third party manufacturing systems including ERP/MRP, CAM Software, Storage Solutions through to the CNC Machine Tools.

Tool identification systems via RFID chip or data matrix code align the future requirements of Industry 4.0… making the future a reality today!

New: Interface to to machine simulation software NCSIMUL

With complete organization of tool data in a central database, ZOLLER assures end-to-end digital tool data throughout the entire production process.

From CAM Software to the tool presetter, and from machine to the ordering department, data is transmitted reliably throughout the process, and is organized transparently.

This can be seen live at the trade fair stand – from the import of tool data from the Tool Cloud, to TMS Tool Management Solutions, to new solutions for tool measurement, to process-reliable data transmission to the machine, to meet a vast array of different requirements.

Live at the  EMO: New  solution for reliable data transmission to the machine – »easyTool-ID«

Live at the EMO: New interface to NCSIMUL  

Transparent, simple and intuitive data interchange process from TMS Tool Management Solutions to over 20 CAM systems and machine simulation software. Now also new at NCSIMUL!

NEW & Live at the EMO: New solution for reliable data transmission to the machine – easyTool-ID

ZOLLER has a long-standing track record with its numerous solutions for process-reliable, fault-free communication via peripheral systems (such as storage systems) and with direct data transmission to the respective machine control units. Depending on the machine, this may involve different label formats, via file transfer, production control systems from many of the well-known providers, or via RFID systems in the desired technology variant (HF/UHF).

New now: The new »easyTool-ID«- tool identification system, developed exclusively, and jointly by ZOLLER and Balluff, provides fast, fault-free data transmission of the tool data measured on the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine to the CNC machine. This constitutes a reliable, cost-effective alternative to previous solutions!



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