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DavyMarkham Wins £20m Contract to Create 50 jobs

DavyMarkham Wins £20m Contract to Create 50 jobs

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 14 June 2017

Sheffield heavy engineering specialists DavyMarkham has secured a £20m contract with sister company Amber Precast to help with the safe decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Up to 50 jobs are being created as part of a four-year joint venture with Amber Precast to design, test and construct six cubic metres reinforced steel and concrete containers.

The contract with Magnox Ltd, which is responsible for managing 12 nuclear sites in the UK, underlines DavyMarkham’s commitment to engage with the Nuclear Industry while continuing to establish an international reputation for its heavy and complex engineering, notably in the Mine Hoist, Tunnel Boring, Hydro, Steel and Bridge Building Sectors.

The Sheffield firm, whose history can be traced back 186 years, will create a dedicated plant and team of workers at its factory in Prince of Wales Road, Darnall, for the construction of the robust transportable concrete containers. DavyMarkham’s expertise is being harnessed to ensure the highest quality steel components, such as container casings and handling features, are used alongside the experience and know-how of sister company, Amber Precast, in the manufacture of the six cubic metre boxes.

Once the final design and manufacturing methodology have been approved, it is calculated that Magnox will require more than 1,000 of these boxes to store various types of intermediate level waste (ILW) generated during the operational and early decommissioning phases of its UK power stations. Once filled, the containers will be stored in purpose-built facilities at nuclear sites until the UK’s national repository becomes available.

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