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Manufacturing demand climbs

Manufacturing demand climbs

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 23 June 2017

According to the latest Manufacturing Industrial Trends Survey from the CBI, manufacturing companies are reporting that both total and export order books had strengthened to significant highs in June.

The snapshot survey of 464 manufacturers found total order books were at their highest level since August 1988. Significant improvements were more prominent in the food & drink, tobacco and chemicals sectors.

The key findings of the survey were that 27% of manufacturers reported total order books above normal and 12% below normal. This mean average increase of +16% is the highest for almost 30 years. 30% of businesses said the volume of output over the past three months had increased and 15% reported a decline. This resulted in a balance of +15%. Confidence is relatively high with manufacturers expecting output to grow at a similar pace in the next quarter.

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