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MTD Welcomes NCMT to the UK's Leading Marketing Portal
MTD Welcomes NCMT to the UK's Leading Marketing Portal
MTD Welcomes NCMT to the UK's Leading Marketing Portal

MTD Welcomes NCMT to the UK's Leading Marketing Portal

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 07 July 2016

Recognised as the 'go-to' web portal for all the latest news, information and deals on manufacturing technology, MTDCNC is delighted to announce that our offers, deals and news will be further enhanced with NCMT now signing up to our platform.

Who are NCMT?

The company was formed in 1964 and operates from three strategically located sites in the Bury, Coventry and Thames Ditton. From these sites NCMT has three hubs for promoting, selling and supporting customers of its Makino, Okuma, Okamoto, Mecof range of machine tools. For those manufacturers not so familiar with these brands, they are at the very pinnacle of machine tool technology. 
The Makino range incorporates vertical and horizontal machining centres, 5-axis machine tools, graphite milling machines, EDM and WEDM machines as well as its own CAD/CAM software. These machines are available for producing anything from the smallest to the largest of components with astounding precision and productivity, something that makes them a firm favourite in the aerospace and power generation sectors. Makino is also a world leader in Viper Grinding technology.

The Makino line is supported by the Okuma range that includes multi-tasking machine tools for one hit machining, horizontal and vertical turning centres and also machining centres.  These machine tools are accompanied by the Okamoto brand of grinding technology. Okamoto is a world leading manufacturer of surface, cylindrical, profile, double column and rotary table grinding machines that will serve all your surface finishing and grinding demands regardless of the complexity. 

The Mecof brand is recognised as a leading manufacturer of high-speed horizontal and vertical machining centers on a completely different scale. These colossal machines can be quantified by the horizontal range that starts with bed lengths of 6m and Z-axes of 3m with seemingly endless options beyond. The VMC ranges start with X-axes of 1800mm to sizes well beyond 6m with Y-axes capacity beyond 7m. So, if you think your parts may be too big for NCMT, think again!

On top of all this, NCMT has a wealth of engineering expertise and additional technology available to solve all your high-end machining needs. But why read about it here when you can visit their website at www.ncmt.co.uk. Of course, MTDCNC will be brining you all the latest developments from NCMT, as well as giving you a greater insight through our video and social media platforms. Make sure you subscribe and keep your eyes on our newsletters and YouTube channels for further details...

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