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Calling All Freddys...
Calling All Freddys...

Calling All Freddys...

Added to MTDCNC by Freddy products on 17 January 2017

Freddy Products are undoubtedly one of the most familiar brands in the UK manufacturing industry. Everyone has seen a Freddy industrial vacuum in a workshop somewhere and the unmistakable bright orange colour means it's a brand that won't be overlooked. One of the reasons we've all seen a Freddy is because the company has sold more than 15,000 units in its 50 year history. Now we're on the lookout for those Freddy machines.

Established in 1962, Freddy Products has been manufacturing and selling its coolant and swarf vacuums, centrifuges and tramp oil separators globally for over half a century.  Built to last, these 'workshop necessity' systems are UK manufactured and in the marketplace in abundance. In recent years, Pershore based Freddy Products has been heavily involved in bringing old Freddy vacuum systems back to life. 

Commenting upon this resurgent refurbishment service, Freddy Products Managing Director, Mr Simon Hanmer says: "Customers have been coming back to us with Freddy vacuums that are over 30 years old and in a pretty sorry state. We are offering a full refurbish service where we can bring your old Freddy back to an 'as-new' condition. Our products are hand built in the UK and our components are sourced locally, this means that our team has the expertise, the equipment and facilities to bring your old Freddy back to life."

In some instances a Freddy Vacuum may only need a clean-up, new hoses and a few new switches. However, the facilities at Freddy enable the Worcestershire company to undertake integrity and leak testing and the subsequent replacement or repair of the sumps and tanks, replace electronics, pumps, hoses, seals, castors, motors, gaskets and anything else that may appear beyond repair. In addition, Freddy Products can customise your old Freddy to your modern day needs. In some cases, customers have requested fork-lift channels and even tow bars to improve the mobility of large Freddy systems. Many of the refurbishment projects undertaken by Freddy Products in the last 12 months can be seen on the website at: http://www.freddy-products.co.uk  

"Many foreign import vacuum systems are low-cost, mediocre quality and they are difficult to repair and source spare parts when an issue arises. The Freddy range has been built-to-last and we are often seeing old Freddy systems from the 1960s and 70s that are sat in the corner of a factory due to a simple fault or maintenance issue that can easily be rectified. So, if you have an old Freddy or if you have seen one stashed in a dark corner somewhere, let us know and we'll breathe new life into the Freddy. After all, the benefits of an efficient coolant vacuum system can be significant," concludes Mr Hanmer.

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