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Coolant is a Critical in Performance - Make the Right Choice With Houghton

Coolant is a Critical in Performance - Make the Right Choice With Houghton

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 06 January 2017

The pitfalls and the benefits in terms of machining performance and health and safety are well documented. So, make sure you make the right choice with Houghton International's range of Metalina synthetic fluids.

The exceptional Metalina series is characterised by its no foam, long sump life and 100% tramp oil rejection features that deliver a cost effective, long lasting and efficient product. The range includes surface grinding fluids that are formulated with a high level of corrosion inhibitors through to heavy duty machining fluids that are formulated with sophisticated polymer lubricity additives.

From a safety perspective, Metalina is formulated with classic boron and amine, or state of the art boron and formaldehyde-free chemistry. This ensures compliance with the latest European EHS regulations for metalworking fluids including REACh and the biocide directive.

The Metalina range includes the D202 Classic surface and cylindrical grinding series for all ferrous metals. This oil incorporates a high quality corrosion inhibitor package. Alongside this oil is the HOUGHTO-GRIND S170 BF and B400 series of medium duty boron and formaldehyde free product line that contains polymer lubricants for machining and grinding of ferrous metals. These oils are complimented by the B800 oil that is a heavy duty boron and formaldehyde free product for machining of steels, titanium and nickel alloys with advanced polymer lubricants to extend tool life. Concluding the Metalina line-up is the BY2211 specialist grinding fluid for processing tungsten carbide. With special additives that inhibit dissolution of cobalt to improve safety, the BY2211 is the oil of choice for specialist materials. Beyond the Metalina series, Houghton has hundreds of other solutions for the machine-shop making their website well worth a look.

If you speak with a Houghton engineer, the benefits are endless. The metal processing fluids will guarantee 100% tramp oil rejection that gives excellent visibility to allow greater accuracy. Additionally, the Metalina line has no foaming solutions to prevent machine downtime and ensure higher productivity and machine up-time. With high quality inhibitors, Metalina products prevent corrosion of machines and the sophisticated polymer lubricity additives prevent build-up of residue on machines to extend tool life.

The Metalina water soluble coolants are complemented by Houghton's full range of high quality, specialist metalworking fluids that include energy saving wash chemicals, low misting neat cutting oils, non-VOC rust preventives, long life heat treatment fluids and much more.

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