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Freddy’s New EcoVac – A solution for everyone

Freddy’s New EcoVac – A solution for everyone

Added to MTDCNC by Freddy products on 19 May 2017

The Freddy Products range of vacuum systems has been in the industry for generations; and for good reason with their uncompromising build quality, longevity and functionality. Taking all this into account, MTDCNC took the trip to Pershore on the edge of the M5 to investigate the latest product..

Talking about the latest EcoVac Coolant Recycling vacuum system, Simon Hanmer, Managing Director at Freddy Products says: “We sell more of the EcoVac than anything else. It’s particularly popular as it can do its job simultaneously. Many other products firstly vacuum and then you stop the machines to pump fluid out. The EcoVac is able to vacuum out while simultaneously pumping the filtered coolant back in, using an independent pump for return, reducing downtime considerably. has two pumps for simultaneous pumping, which reduces the pumping or cleaning cycle time.”

The machine works particularly quickly and by sucking and pumping simultaneously, the machine tool coolant sump can be cleaned whilst in operation. This means Meaning the end user doesn’t suffer costly witness downtime for this critical maintenance task. So, if a customer cannot switch off the machine for planned or routine maintenance tasks – it’s not a problem with the EcoVac.

The filter system in the Ecovac is available in a series of filtration steps from 1 micron through to 1000 micron. The filtration bag will catch the sludge and swarf chips and this bag sits within a perforated basket that acts as a secondary filtration process.

The pumps and motors in the Freddy Products line are high specification and this is one of the reasons why the brand has such a highly reputable name in the industry. The EcoVac is available with a number of dimensional options that include the 200, 300 and even 500 litre capacities. However, being a UK manufacturer, Freddy will accommodate the specific needs of the end user. Referring to this, Mr Hanmer says: “In fact, we are currently looking at a solution that is effectively a 3000litre EcoVac for a customer at present. This is essentially a model on a large chassis that will be towed behind a tow truck as opposed to an easily mobilised unit.

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