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Houghton Introduces Range of Cold Deformation Fluids

Houghton Introduces Range of Cold Deformation Fluids

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 11 December 2016

Ideal for all market sectors, Houghton has developed a complete cold deformation portfolio that provides a range of water-soluble products and neat oils to cover all material types and thicknesses. The extensive line comprises of Cindol, Cindolin, Fenella Oil, Fenella Fluid, Houghto-Draw, Hydro-Draw and Tube-Draw brands that are used in everything from the manufacturing of household appliances through to applications in the aerospace and automotive industries.

With product viscosities that range from > 500 mm²/s @ 40°C down to the evaporating range with viscosity of 1.5 mm²/s, the Houghton cold deformation oils and fluids are used to produce everyday products from mobile phone casings to the brakes of underground trains. The Houghton R&D centre continually works to develop new technologies to improve cutting performance while increasing tool life.

Houghton’s Cold Deformation Lubricants are ideal for all market sectors and can be used in manual and fully automatic presses. For extremely severe operations, Houghton has a selection of products that contain long chain chlorinated paraffin as well as a number of chlorine-free premium grades. For example, the company can supply Blanking and Fine Blanking Oils that are used to produce brake pads, bicycle gears and car parts as well as Cold Heading Oils for heading bolts and screws as well as for lubricating gears. For more challenging environments, Houghton has a series of Volatile Oils for making fins for heat exchangers and punching parts for mobile phones and electric motors. With an extensive selection of Tube Drawing Oils, Deep Drawing Oils and Hydro Forming Oils, Houghton has the right solution for all your 'Cold Deformation' needs...

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