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Houghton is 'On-Fire' With Fluid Range

Houghton is 'On-Fire' With Fluid Range

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 23 May 2016

As a world leader in specialist oil products for the manufacturing industry, Houghton International has now developed a water glycol type fire-resistant hydraulic fluid that has been designed to provide maximum safety for use near open flames or in high-temperature areas. The new Houghto-Safe® 620 is a premium fluid that delivers safety and confidence for the end user.

The Houghto-Safe 620 is the premium fluid in the water glycol market. It undoubtedly sets the performance standards by which other water glycol fluids are measured. The exceptional new product has been strenuously tested and approved for fire resistance, giving the customer complete peace-of-mind when working in hazardous environments.

Like all other fluids in the Houghton International range, the Houghto-Safe line has a long, documented history of successfully operating in die casting shops, steel mills and foundries. Operating in a wide range of applications in these manufacturing environments, the Houghto-Safe 620 is the only fluid to truly give complete confidence in the prevention of fire hazards.

As a water glycol type fluid, the Houghto-Safe 620 is completely fire-resistant and it has been 'factory mutual' approved as a less hazardous fluid. Not only is the Houghto-Safe 620 the most effective fire-resistant fluid on the market, it has also been designed for use in high-pressure applications. For further detail, please contact your nearest Houghton International representative.

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