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Houghton is 'On-Fire' With New Fire Resistant Fluids

Houghton is 'On-Fire' With New Fire Resistant Fluids

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 28 October 2016

Houghton has been leading the way in Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids since the 1950s and its complete portfolio of high technology and world-class brands has earned approvals, certifications and endorsements from key international standard bodies and major OEMs. This makes the Houghton Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids the most recommended, trusted and above all, the benchmark for a wide variety of industry sectors.

The Houghton Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids are used in all industry sectors where hot manufacturing processes and hazardous environments increase the risk of fire and explosion. Backed by sixty years of positive experience, these products are now found protecting sites around the world, operating within primary steel and aluminium

production, forging and casting, food, mining, marine and offshore applications.


Developed to ensure top performance and reliability, the Houghton product range is supported by leading engineers that can help you get the most from your fluids through Houghton's proactive support service. The globally renowned company provides unrivalled expertise and support to guarantee maximum value in terms of safety, productivity and real peace of mind.

Among the multitude of fire resistant fluids is a complete line of Hydrolubric high water base (HFA) fluids that are ideal for water hydraulic systems in very high fire risk areas. These are complimented by the Hydra-Vis Series that is a Thickened High Water Base (HFAT) fluid to protect conventional hydraulic systems in very high-risk areas. Additional fluids include the Houghto-Safe Water Glycols (HFC) with effective lubrication for general industry, defence, marine and offshore sectors, the Isocor E Plus High Lubricity Water Glycols (HFCE) for the mining industry and also the Cosmolubric Esters (HFDu) for minimum environmental impact.

With all of these Houghton fluid ranges the customer will benefit from greater peace of mind and job satisfaction for employees with a reduced risk of costs arising from lost time, injuries or even fatalities. Furthermore, the proven Houghton products provide greater confidence in scheduling future production, reduce risk of broken delivery promises to customers, give greater plant availability to generate revenue and margin potential and also reduce the costs of repairing damage to plant and equipment. If you want to be safe rather than sorry, call Houghton now...

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