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Houghton Offers Machine Tool Protection With Easy To Install Filtration

Houghton Offers Machine Tool Protection With Easy To Install Filtration

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 08 May 2017

The new Velum Protective Filter has now been introduced to the UK by fluid management experts Houghton International. The electronics and motors of machine tools are prone to exposure from  dust and oil mist that is commonplace in the modern machine shop environment; the new Velum protective filter eliminates this issue easily and effectively. 

The new Velum from Houghton International gathers and collects dust and oil mist and prevents it from entering the ventilation system of electrical cabinets on machine tools. The result is that maintenance costs can be reduced by over 30%, as oil mist and dust residue never gets the opportunity to enter the electronics of your machine tool. 

From a maintenance perspective, the Velum filter is an easy to use system that provides a visual indication as to when the filtration needs changing. Changing the Velum protective filter can be done in just 5 seconds, it genuinely is that easy to service as it doesn't require maintenance engineers to gain access to the switchgear and electronics of the machine tool. Furthermore, the new Velum protective filter can be safely changed whilst the machine tool is in operation. This means that maintaining the electrical cabinets can be conducted with no machine down-time necessary. 

The Velum protective filter is applied externally and directly to the entrance grid of the ventilation and cooling systems of the production unit. Once applied, Velum gathers and holds dust and oily mist in its patented-knitted fabric and ensures that while protecting the inner filter and electronics, the normal passage of fresh and clean air can be delivered into the machine tool.

By protecting the inner filtration systems on machine tools, downtime is reduced, costly filter replacements are reduced and the longevity of internal machine components is drastically improved. Additionally, if the internal filtration systems on machinery becomes excessively contaminated, the air flow rate will diminish over a period of time. This reduction in fresh air flow can provoke the malfunctioning of expensive internal components.

With just a single roll of the Velum protective filter, manufacturers can protect a machine tool for up to two years. This cost effective solution is available in four sizes to protect your machine. The four roll width sizes are 200, 300, 400 and 500mm. In addition, Houghton International can also supply the Velum Motor Protection System. Working on the same principle as the Velum protective filter rolls, the Velum Motor system is available in eight diameters that include 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 230, 260 and 300mm diameters. 

Supplied with a simple polypropylene support fixture, the Velum Motor Protection System can be easily applied with a magnet and o-ring package that is also supplied with the system. By applying this motor protection filter, electronic motors can be protected from airborne oil and dust particles. The Velum Motor Protection System from Houghton International can maximise motor uptime and running efficiency whilst reducing maintenance requirement and the associated costs. For further details on the new Velum Protective Filter and the Velum Motor Protection System, please contact Houghton International for more information.

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