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Houghton Offers Simple Cost Effective Coolant Mixing

Houghton Offers Simple Cost Effective Coolant Mixing

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 14 August 2017

Venturi pumps are commonly used for coolant mixers as moving water accross the orifice creates a vacuum that draws coolant into the water stream. Houghton has a variety of these systems available for simple and efficient coolant mixing.

By combining the two laminar flows, a turbulent zone is created to thoroughly mix the two fluids. As there are no moving parts, the Houghton Venturi Mixer has a high degree of reliability. The concentration is easily altered by the needle valve and this allows for great precision in setting the proportion of coolant mixed with water.

The Houghton Venturi Mixer features a lower threaded adaptor that fits all standard drums whilst its unique nozzle prevents blockages. With a flow rate from 900 to 2000 litres per hour and a mixing ration from 0 to 16%, the Houghton Venturi Mixer meets the needs of the modern machine shop.

These mixers eliminate the traditional manual fluid mixing methods that often result in poor fluid concentration with subsequent problems of corrosive machine maintenance, fluid rancidity and the final expense of fluid disposal. The Venturi mixer is extremely simple to install and operate and is driven by the water pressure alone so no additional equipment or power is required. Just switch on the water supply when re-filling your coolant tank and the accurately mixed and blended liquid is dispensed.

Developed to meet the strongest demands from waterworks all over the

world for category 3 fluids and ISO EN1717, the Venturi Mixer has a built-in double check valve and vacuum breaker. For more details on how the Houghton Venturi Mixer can save fluid usage, reduce costs and deliver a consistent mix, please contact Houghton International for more details.

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