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Houghton Takes Fluids From Cradle to Grave

Houghton Takes Fluids From Cradle to Grave

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 27 May 2016

Houghton's FLUIDCARE™ chemical management service optimises chemical use in the factory by ensuring that customers use the right fluids in the right amounts, in the right way. By using the Houghton FLUIDCARE™ program, customers can be confident that the complete process of fluid management is being handled by experts.

MTDCNC recently went along to the AMRC in Sheffield where Houghton's Daz Yeates told us: "The Houghton FLUIDCARE™ program will take your complete fluid management from cradle to grave whether you are a small or large customer. We review your processes and applications, the materials, the machine tools and we manage the entire process. At facilities like the AMRC, we can work with customers and other suppliers to develop an entire fluid management system. Thus taking the stress out of the process for the customer whilst delivering the optimal solution."

By engaging the Houghton FLUIDCARE™ program, customers can rely on a well-rounded team of Houghton experts that includes certified chemists, experienced engineers and production managers that will look at your individual requirements from every angle to streamline processes, increase plant efficiency, reduce waste, boost output and dramatically reduce overall costs.

Simply put, the FLUIDCARE solution keeps the fluids healthy, sumps clean, equipment protected and the business operation running like a well-oiled machine. The Houghton team is dedicated to keeping a close eye on the environmental impact of your fluids whilst finding ways to save you money, year after year. The FLUIDCARE programme will help your plant to minimise waste, reduce downtime, improve tool life, prevent contamination, simplify waste treatment and control health, safety and environmental risks.

The FLUIDCARE model is driven by the concept of total cost savings, as this is the most efficient path to chemical management success. The metallurgic and fluid experts at Houghton will start by base-lining your cost per production unit and then systematically take steps to reduce that cost by developing a chemical management programme that meets your specific needs. For further info on how Houghton can keep your coolants clean, cost effective and healthy, contact the company now on Tel: 0161 874 5000

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