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If You've Never Given Industrial Cleaning a Thought, Call Houghton

If You've Never Given Industrial Cleaning a Thought, Call Houghton

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 12 October 2016

If you have never considered your methods of industrial cleaning, now may be a good time to take a look at your processes. The Houghto-Clean range of industrial process cleaners have been designed to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing. Using intimate knowledge of chemistry and the respective properties of the contaminants, Houghton's multi-functional and specific application cleaners can reduce cleaning times and improve the cleaning process.

The performance of industrial process cleaners has never been more important as the ever increasing demands on end product performance is being driven by growing process complexities and product tolerances. Industrial process cleaning is often a neglected element within the overall manufacturing process yet valuable profit, productivity and quality can be gained through clean plant and equipment. To this end, Houghto-Clean industrial process cleaners, provide further opportunities to maximise productivity and profits.

The correct choice of cleaner is only the start, solution monitoring, in use solution laundering and the eventual disposal of the used solution are all key elements of an effective and efficient process. The Houghton product lines include Aqueous Process Cleaners that are neutral to highly alkaline cleaners formulated for spray wash, immersion, flood washing, multi modal washing and mass finishing

applications. Similarly, the company has a variety of Solvent Cleaners formulated from petroleum and renewable resources for manual, immersion, low-pressure

spray and pseudo vapour applications. Houghton also has a series of Acidic cleaners for spray wash, immersion and other applications that may require an acidic pH level. With regard to highly effective macro-emulsion cleaners for cleaning and applying a corrosion preventative film in a single application, Houghton has a complete line of Emulsion Cleaning products.


The Benefits of Getting It Right...

The Houghton line-up of cleaning products have been formulated to perform synergistically with some other process fluids and the company's cleaning technologies use state-of-the-art developments in water based chemistries that are

supported by industry-leading technologists.

The industry leading experts in cleaning applications formulate the products for specific applications within key operating markets. This expertise and technology that is incorporated into products can help increase productivity, quality, reduce

cleaning costs and provides additional routes to gaining a competitive advantage.

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