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Lubrication for All Your Hydraulic Needs

Lubrication for All Your Hydraulic Needs

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 23 August 2016

Locating a supplier for 'all' you're hydraulic oil needs, no longer needs to be a chore with the extensive product line from Houghton International. As a world leading fluid specialist, Houghton can meet all your demands with regard to high performance lubricating and hydraulic fluids.

For everything from simple total-loss lubrication lines through to critical hydraulic systems and gearboxes, Houghton supplies proven lubricants that meet international standards. Houghton’s unrivalled support ensures cost effective performance plus enhanced productivity and environmental performance.

With just a glance at the hydraulic oil portfolio, Houghton can supply its HOUGHTO-DRIVE HL economical lubricating oils for light duty and total loss applications, the

HOUGHTO-DRIVE HM premium hydraulic and lubricating range with excellent anti-wear properties and thermal stability, the HOUGHTO-DRIVE HLPD anti-wear hydraulic and lubricating oils for wet applications and the HOUGHTO-DRIVE HV multi-grade oils to reduce energy consumption through low torque cold-start applications. Added to this, Houghton has the HYDRO-SLIDE HG anti-wear slideway and lubricating oils, the STA -PUT CKC EP gear and lubricating oils for protecting heavily loaded equipment and the STA -PUT G slideway and lubricating oils to avoid stick-slip on slideways.

With such an extensive line-up, Houghton has the 'all-round' solution with its high performance lubricating and hydraulic fluids that meet a comprehensive range of production and maintenance needs in machine shops, manufacturing plants and assembly sites.

By implementing the Houghton hydraulic solution, you will benefit from multi-functional products that will simplify inventory and save costs and a synergy with Houghton metalworking fluids that will reduce misting and spoilage to improve safety. Furthermore, customers can benefit from a lubricant selection that will optimise efficiency savings and productivity with a service scheduling support package that maximises machine uptime. If you want to benefit from all this, give your local Houghton representative a call.

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