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Lubriserv are Sole Agent for INDASS Swarf Processing Equipment

Lubriserv are Sole Agent for INDASS Swarf Processing Equipment

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 09 June 2015

Industrie Associate (INDASS) is a leading European manufacturer of swarf processing, movement and storage plants and now, this line of high end swarf management is available in the UK from Lubriserv. 

INDASS is recognised as an industry leader in Swarf processing equipment with unrivalled expertise, experience, skills and flexibility. Customized solutions can be designed for specific needs and this is now available for UK manufacturers through Lubriserv. 

Manufacturers may not realise that wet metal swarf can contain up to 25% coolant. The new line of centrifuges allow removal of coolant from short chips. The INDASS systems are  available as stand-alone units or they can be integrated into the INDASS MINISYSTEM. Depending on the material and cutting fluid, it is possible to obtain dryness of less than 2%. The robust new units have been designed for heavy-duty continuous operation that includes the processing of hardened components and swarf. Chips are automatically blown out while at the same time coolant is separated.

The vertical centrifuges have a minimal footprint area that allows end users to install them with no inconvenience or excessive floor space requirement. This footprint is minimised as the units can be placed under the machine tool conveyor discharge. The units are easy to use with automatic operation and easy maintenance whilst the SCED10 model can be also be integrated into the Minisystem spinning system.

The smaller SCED 5 has a total weight of 95kg with a footprint of 500 by 500 by 495mm with a swarf throughput rate of 100kg/hr. The larger (860 by 710 by 960mm) SCED 10 model can process up to 150kg/hr. 

For customers processing large quantities of swarf, Lubriserv can offer the horizontal centrifuges that separate the coolant by means of a wedge bar screen. The centrifuge is entirely emptied out of dry chips and coolant and automatically cleaned (with compressed air) after been switched off. This feature allows handling different materials within same unit and is ideal for installations and works with no manual service. This SCE line is available in three variants with a swarf throughput from 300 to 5000kg/hr depending upon the chosen model.


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