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Lubriserv Cleans Up With New Vacuum

Lubriserv Cleans Up With New Vacuum

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 11 December 2016
The Lubrivac swarf and oil vacuum range has now been launched by Gloucestershire based metalworking specialists Lubriserv. The new Lubrivac 200 is an extremely powerful industrial vacuum cleaning system that is suitable for coolants and other liquids as well as swarf and general workshop waste. 

The new Lubrivac range is available with four variants that include the Lubrivac 80, 100, 200 and 400 systems. As the most suitable solution for the everyday machine shop, the Lubrivac 200 incorporates a flux inversion system for liquid discharge at a rate of 100L/min with an integrated sieve grid basket to separate swarf and solid waste from liquids. For the cleaning and separation of coolant, the Lubrivac 200 can be supplied with an optional PPL filter. This is available as a 300 micron, 100micron, 90 micron and super fine 10 micron solution that can be installed either as a filter basket or outlet filtration configuration depending upon the separation level required.

From a safety perspective, the Lubrivac 200 has a float device installed to automatically prevent overfilling when the 200 litre tank is full. The Lubrivac also has a tangential suction inlet with an integrated cyclone system that delivers an uncompromisingly powerful air flow of 540m3/hr via its 50mm diameter suction inlet. This suction inlet also provides an impressive water lift rate of 2500mmH2O. 

The Lubrivac 200 is a genuine all-rounder that is a compact 63 by 115 by 147cm unit, which is extremely mobile with its 3 powerful single phase motors and castors on the base for exceptionally easy movement around the workshop. Despite its agility, the 165kg Lubrivac packs a punch with its powerful 3kW motor unit that delivers suction rates that can rapidly fill the tank that has a capacity for 200 litres of fluid or 40litres of solid waste materials.  

For the extremely diverse range of industrial applications, the Lubrivac Series is available with a tank capacity from 80 litres to 400 litres and a maximum water lift rate from 2500 to 3600mmH2O, depending upon the model selected. Furthermore, customers can choose from the small and extremely nimble Lubrivac 80 unit with an efficient 2kW motor and 360m3/hr maximum airflow or at the other end of the scale is the heavyweight Lubrivac 400. This robust unit has a powerful 4kW motor that generates a maximum water lift rate of 3600mmH2O and a maximum airflow rate of 400m3/hr. For further details on any of the new vacuum systems in the Lubrivac Series, please contact Lubriserv.


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