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Manage & Monitor Your Fluids With New Houghton Software

Manage & Monitor Your Fluids With New Houghton Software

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 24 July 2016

Houghto-Trend is the new market-leading software for the management and monitoring of essential fluids. From a simple web-based front-end, Houghto-Trend gives customers complete and easy control over the planning, recording and reporting of fluid usage. This software enables the end user to carry out the essential fluid management tasks efficiently and successfully.

The success of a very large number of manufacturing processes relies upon the cooling, cleaning, treatment and lubrication provided by production and maintenance fluids. Fluids can significantly influence your productivity, safety and environmental impact. They can also enhance component quality and tool life, reduce rework and scrap rates, and boost machine availability. But, if managed incorrectly, they can be a source of problems in production, health and waste disposal.

Houghto-Trend Brings The Solution...

Houghto-Trend has been designed by experts as a on-line resource with the levels of flexibility to cater for the widely differing needs of many manufacturing industries. The user friendly software caters for the needs of every business from small machine shops to steel manufacturing plants and anything in-between.

By using Houghto-Trend customers can track any Application Points through uniquely identifiable reservoirs of product and also at any of the customer's multiple locations around the world. Schedules can be made for any typical activities and this includes level checks, sampling, filter changes, machine cleanouts and fluid condition testing. Information from sites and laboratories can all be collated in Houghto-Trend.  This means that your important information is easily located and accessed from one on-line location.

The Benefits

The new Houghto-Trend on-line software offers manufacturers a very high visibility and management of systems and fluids that allows end-users to demonstrate compliance with quality and HSE guidelines. In addition, this closer control philosophy minimises downtime and reduces the costs of maintenance, fluids, waste, tools, rework and scrap.


Furthermore, Houghto-Trend also provides real-time data handling that helps you and your colleagues to act quickly based on informed decisions. Using the hosted software, this eliminates your costs for local development or I.T. system maintenance while still maintaining secured access to key management information. Isn't it time you took a look and got full control of your fluid management..?

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