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Put The Brakes on Rust With Houghton Oils

Put The Brakes on Rust With Houghton Oils

Added to MTDCNC by Houghton PLC on 29 January 2017

Putting the brakes on rust, Houghton International has introduced a complete line of rust preventives that has been developed to give manufacturers a wide choice in film types and protection periods to meet all the needs of industry. This product line-up includes short-term inter-operational protection as well as long-term outdoor rust prevention.

Both Ensis and Rust Veto ranges from Houghton are designed not only to protect but to deliver cost savings through simpler handling, lower usage and process improvement. The chemists at Houghton have worked tirelessly with the focus upon you, the customer and more importantly, the operator. Houghton has formulated its products with features as low odour or thinner and drier films that improve component handling.

Houghton has been developing and manufacturing rust preventives since 1870. Today the company offers some of the most advanced rust prevention products for all markets and applications. With highly-engineered performance additives, Houghton products leave a very fine film on parts that are compatible with most industrial lubricants. This film is easy to degrease when required.

The high-performance Rust-Veto and Ensis range are now a standard in many industries such as the automotive, machinery and both flat and long steel production sectors. This is due to the protection and savings they deliver as well as the ability to conform to the latest European environmental and H&S regulations including VOC free technology.

The product lines include solvent based products such as the Ensis DW Series and the Rust Veto 200 Series of fast drying solvent based products that include VOC free technology. These fluids are available in all types of film including greasy, waxy and oily to deliver a choice of protection periods from short-term up to several years.

The extensive series improves dewatering to reduce process time and this gives a faster and more complete water separation solution that improves lifetime of rust preventive baths. The fluids also improve film type and thickness to limit washing and optimise part cleanliness. The dual purpose products accelerate processing by cleaning and protecting at the same time. For more details, contact Houghton..

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