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XYZ 1060HS VMC Machining Centre

XYZ 1060HS VMC Machining Centre
XYZ 1060HS VMC Machining Centre
X Travel   -   1020mm
Y Travel   -   610mm
Z Travel   -   620mm
Linear way   -   THK roller (not ball)
Table size   -   1200 x 600mm
Spindle centre to column   -    670mm
Spindle to table   -   140 &ndash 760mm
Column front to table centre   -   365 &ndash 975mm
Rapid feed XYZ axis   -   43 M / min
Cutting feed rates   -   1 &ndash 10000 mm / min
Max table load   -   800 Kg
Positioning Accuracy   -   + 0.005mm (Repeatability + 0.002mm)
T slot size   -   18mm
T slot number & pitch   -   5 @ 125mm
Spindle speed   -   150 &ndash 12000 rpm
Spindle Motor Maximum Rating   -   16Kw
Spindle Motor Duty Cycle   -   12Kw
Spindle Taper    -   BT 40
Tool magazine capacity   -   24 Station Arm Type
Tool change time tool to tool   -   2.5 secs
Tool change time chip to chip   -   3.5 secs
Max tool diameter   -   100mm
Max tool weight    -   8Kg
Coolant capacity   -   280 L
Ball screw size (grade C3)   -   40mm P16
AC servo motor size   -   29 Nm (4.9 Kw)
Machine weight   -   7200 Kg
Footprint W x D x H   -   2650 x 2750 x 2900
Standard Equipment
Machines built from solid cast iron
All are laser calibrated
All are ball bar tested
Full CE approval and certification
Auto lubrication with return to tank
Steel concertina
Spindle orientation
Swarf collection tray on castors
Halogen work lamp
Spindle air blast
Lube system control by NC
Full splash guard
Siemens 840D High Speed ShopMill Control
12000 oil cooled Spindle
43 M / min rapids
Pneumatically counter balanced head
24 station arm type toolchanger
High pressure coolant
Coolant washdown
Swarf conveyor and cart
Oversize digital servos
Rigid tapping
Remote electronic handwheel
High speed concertina guards
24 pull studs
Please note that balanced tooling is required with all high speed spindles


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