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Eurospark Joemars TRM100 Broken Tap Remover EDM Machine

The Joemars TRM100 is a portable broken tap remover that utilises the edm discipline and applies it to the removal of a broken tap or drill. The TRM100 comprises a machine unit and a generator. The machine unit has a magnetic base to allow it to be quickly attached to the part from which the tap or drill is to be removed. Projecting from the base is a 400mm long stem onto which the electrode holder is secured by clamps to allow vertical and swivelling movement. The Z axis of the electrode holder has a manual drill chuck and is moved vertically by a servo motor to provide a maximum depth of cut of 100mm. The chuck is designed to accept electrodes up to 6.5mm diameter. The generator, which operates using a single phase supply, is a compact unit that weighs only 17kg and measures (W/D/H) 29/34/29cm. It not only delivers the amps to remove the broken item but also controls functions like automatic down feed, depth stop, arc timer and auto retract, together with several alarm messages. For added uncomplicated use the dielectric medium is ordinary tap water and the electrode material is conventional stock brass bar. The TRM100 has proved itself as a cost effective means of rescuing many, almost finished, expensive components from the scrap bin by reliably removing the offending item.


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