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Tebis for Milling

The Tebis functions for milling range from roughing to finishing and residual stock machining up to undercut milling and 6-axis simultaneous machining. The starting point is a blank that you can freely define. With a high machining volume in roughing, optimal surface quality in finishing and low machine run times in residual stock machining, you are perfectly equipped for your tasks. Tebis undercut functions and let you manufacture flow channels or impellers with reliable processing. You can manufacture surface and contour machining steps cost-effectively with 5-axis simultaneous strategies.


  • Simple and intuitive to use with Tebis operating strategies
  • Pre-finishing, finishing and HSC milling
  • Machine complex geometries without multiple setup operations and with low tool wear
  • Shorter machining processes and increased efficiency


Tebis also offers many valuable functions for a variety of drilling tasks. You can manufacture holes with piloting or countersinking – on both the front and back of the workpiece. You can manage the necessary tools in libraries and individually assign them to the different machining operations and machines. You can prepare just a few flexible templates to ensure the quality of your products, establish standards and ensure compliance with them. You can store your entire manufacturing knowledge base just once and obtain automation for all subsequent tasks.


Reliable, cost-effective drilling:

  • Standardised machining throughout the entire organisation
  • Variable manufacturing objects provide all the necessary information
  • 5-sided complete machining is possible

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