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Broaching with Schwanog offers significant cost reduction!

Supplied by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd

Added to MTD CNC: 22 February 2017

We provide the turned part and precision component machining industry with specialist tooling to a wide variety of subcontract and OEM component manufacturers. The products offered are from some of Europe's top names providing quality at realistic prices....

Detailed spec

Today everything revolves around cost reductions in the daily business of a manufacturer of precision parts and this is where Schwanog has yet another sound solution! Driven by a passion for achieving highest productivity Schwanog generates new productivity sources with its broaching tools, producing serrations on CNC lathes in a single machining process is only one of our missions which lead to fascinating cost savings.

Schwanog tool solutions not only enable cost-efficient broaching of serrations and grooves but can also offer broaches for special contours. Furthermore Schwanog broaching tools eliminate the otherwise necessary post machining process on another machine (de-burring) as well as the logistics for the parts such as handling, planning and controlling of the post machining process (no outsourcing) which has a positive effect on your profit.


  • Significant reduction in set-up costs
  • Entire part manufactured in a single process on one machine
  • Elimination of post machining process
  • Substantial reduction in part cycle time due to faster production cycles Cost reduction in logistics (no outsourcing)
  • Efficient manufacturing of special contours based on your application Increased competitiveness

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Available to purchase from Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd

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