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Nine9 De Burring tools from ACT

Nine9 De Burring tools from ACT

With high speed production becoming ever more prevalent in the modern machining era, Advanced Carbide Tooling (ACT) has now introduced its latest time saving technology, the Nine9 NC De-Burring tool. This innovative new cutting tool has been developed to achieve high speed and high feed de-burring and countersinking on all manner of machine tools from sliding head lathes through to machining centres with productivity and tool life parameters that far exceed existing technology.


The ability of the Nine9 NC De-Burring line to run at feed rates up to 6 times faster than alternate solutions is credit to its patent-pending 6-flute edge geometry. The R&D team at Nine9 are renowned for introducing benchmark technology; and with the new 6-fluted, single edged line of TiAlN coated carbide inserts, groundbreaking cutting parameters can be achieved.


Capable of de-burring and countersinking hole diameters as small as 0.5mm, the high precision series is the tool of choice for processing 60 and 90 degree chamfers. The NC De-Burring line is capable of creating chamfer depths from 0.1 to 1.75mm with astounding precision and surface finishes. With a single cutting edge on each insert, the NC De-Burring Line retains exceptional positional accuracy of the de-burring depth and diameter. To enhance flexibility of the new NC De-Burring series, the corresponding toolholder also accommodates the Nine9 range of XO60 engraving tools.


The toolholder is manufactured from a high alloy steel to maximise rigidity and prolong the tool life of both the 6mm diameter toolholder shank and the insert. The toolholder has a brazed carbide shank that eliminates vibration that consequently extends insert life. To guarantee the desired precision and run-out results, the new NC De-Burring tool shank is ground to a h6 tolerance. The toolholder has an overall length of 60mm and ACT recommends that a maximum overhang length of 30mm is used to ensure optimal results.


To achieve these optimal machining results, ACT also recommends that the new de-burring line is used in conjunction with a high precision toolholder that can obtain run-out levels of 0.01mm and below. To establish such levels of precision, ACT suggests customers utilise high precision collet chucks, hydraulic chucks or shrink fit systems.


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