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WNT Turning Dragonskin

WNT Turning Dragonskin
WNT Turning Dragonskin

WNT's latest addition to the turning range HCF3120 is the Dragonskin range of turning s is presenting users with major tool life improvements and process security across a wide range of cast iron machining applications.

WNTs HCF3120-Dragonskin, designed specifically for the machining of cast materials, is delivering versatility as an for both roughing and finishing operations on cast iron materials. It is achieving this through its combination of hard and tough carbide substrate, along with a new CVD coating that is resulting in tool life being increased by almost 60 per cent, when compared to current technology.

In HCF3120 WNT has made use of the latest coating technology to ensure a much more secure bond between the alumina coating to the carbide substrate. In addition, it also allows for a much thinner coating of 16 micron to be applied. Beneath the coating is an integrated substrate that hard and tough layers, lending itself to good performance in most cast iron machining applications, and especially so where intermittent cutting or machine stability are issues.

Typical of this are two examples quoted by customers, firstly machining a GGG90 nodular cast iron crankshaft, with a heavily interrupted cut. The surface speed using HCF3120 was 375m/min at a feed rate of 0.22 mm/rev feed and 4mm depth of cut. Total length of cut is 1000 mm (per crankshaft) over five passes with tool life coming out at four components per edge. Similarly, a customer machining pump bodies in GG25 cast iron with interrupted cut is achieving a surface speed of 280m/min at a feed rate of 0.3 mm/rev feed and 2 mm depth of cut. Total length of cut is150 mm (per pump body) over two passes with tool life of 100 parts per edge.



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