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Alufix building block system for measuring of fixtures

Workholding of components from the simplest geometry to the most complex part has now been simplified by Thame Workholding with its new Alufix modular fixturing system.

Developed for use on CMMs and measuring fixtures, checking gauges, assembly or welding fixtures, the new Alufix range is the ideal solution for manufacturers conducting design projects and producing R&D and prototype parts where product development changes are commonplace. 


Manufactured from high tensile aluminium, this modular system is available in six sizes that can be combined to permit clamping operations on the most challenging of parts. The potential for the Alufix is almost infinite with base plates, bars, struts, blocks, clamps, screws, connectors and more, all having the ability to interconnect to create the required clamping structure. 


Once the customer has built and used the appropriate clamping device, it can be disassembled and the individual components used for new assemblies. The bars and base plates that form the construction of the desired clamping set are available in a vast array of sizes to suit the need of the end user.


These bars and base plates are provided in grid dimensions of 16, 25, 40 and 50mm with centralised hole diameters of 8, 12.5, 20 and 25mm. This creates high levels of flexibility whereby the customer can specify module grid sizes to support the clamping of the smallest of parts that require low clamping forces through to extremely large or heavy parts and structures that demand a robust solution. 


The Alufix line guarantees precision clamping of all components regardless of material type, dimensions and geometries with a lightweight but stable solution that is not restricted by workpiece weight or size limits.


Furthermore, the range enables the end user to combine various system sizes – and when it’s all disassembled, it requires minimal storage space. If customers are restricted on space, Thame can supply a range of workstation storage solutions for the Alufix. With the Alufix line being corrosion free, long lasting and maintenance free, these storage cabinets enable the customer to neatly store the individual Alufix elements for future re-use.


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