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First series-production chuck with dynamically balanced HSK

First series-production chuck with dynamically balanced HSK

Until now it has barely been possible to satisfy the demand for dynamic balancing of tool systems and all their individual components using HSK clamping and tool systems. The different depths of key block slot in the taper of the HSK adapter create a dynamic residual imbalance at the clamping tool which is then reflected also in the tool systems.

MAPAL has developed an optimized version of the HSK that makes it possible to dynamically balance components with HSK connection for the first time. The mass unbalance is eliminated by modifying one of the two key block slots into a second deep key block slot with the same volume. The HSK thus loses its only disadvantage, but maintains its full functionality and all its existing benefits compared with other tool shanks. No modifications to the machine tools are necessary for the use of the optimized HSK. The dynamically balanced system offers improvements in the machining result, particularly with respect to surface quality and circularity.

From September the clamping systems from the HTC range with lean contour will be the first product group to be fitted as standard with the dynamically balanced HSK. These chucks are the first additively manufactured products from the field of clamping technology to be produced in series.


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