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Multidec-Lube from Floyd

This alternative solution to HP through coolant insert holders, offers a simple solution that will appeal to some clients. The coolant wedges remain ‘plumbed in’ on the platen via the clamping wedge. Through coolant insert holders are no longer required! The pre-set capability of the system allows for the easy removal in the holder for insert changes.

The Multidec-Lube system directs high pressure coolant to the cutting edge thereby improving tool life, surface finishes and eliminating issues caused by swarf build-up. Most importantly for the end user is the improved process stability that minimises downtime and thus increases productivity by a considerable margin.

To further improve the user experience, the wedge incorporates an adjustable stop that makes it possible to position the tools in exactly the same position after the removal of the toolholder for the insert change. Additionally, the Multidec-Lube can be used with or without high pressure with thanks to the fixed coolant exit. With two openings, the coolant always gets precisely delivered to the cutting edge.

Available in right or left hand designations, the Multidec-Lube consists of the clamping wedge, a clamping screw, an extraction screw and two coolant connectors.

You can download the catalogue for this and various other products on our website.


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