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Mowidec-TT Spindle Centering System from Floyd

The Mowidec-TT spindle centreing system enables the user to perfectly centre tools on the main or counter spindles to improve accuracy, performance and tool life with a simple and fast method on Swiss automatic lathes.

When changing the set-up or settings, operators frequently have to re-centre the spindles, usually with a dial test indicator. The restrictive process results in poor quality, precision and premature tool wear. With the Mowidec-TT, centring is carried out without removing either the guide bush or the tools. It is conducted without any complicated equipment or training and is so simple that users start centring systematically, thereby benefitting from enhanced tool life and productivity.

This exciting innovation is ideal for all types of Swiss automatic lathes from manufacturers such as Tornos, Star and Citizen. Additionally, the Mowidec-TT can also be used for many other applications such as multi-spindle lathes, transfer machines and machining centres. The technology drastically reduces set-up times regardless of machine type. With quality at the heart of the Mowidec-TT, the unit has been developed to significantly improve the service life of cutting tools and component quality, whilst seamlessly fitting into the machine set-up.

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