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Heckert DBF 1000 / 1250

Heckert DBF 1000 / 1250
Heckert DBF 1000 / 1250
Heckert DBF 1000 / 1250

The DBF 1000 / 1250 enable complete machining in one clamping position, hence the name DBF (which stands for turning-drilling-milling in German) which has a decisive effect on the productivity of the overall production system. The working spindle of the DBF heads carries out all the machining on the tool that is attached. When turning is required on a clamped workpiece, the rotating lathe tool can be radially shifted by ± 35 mm (servo-axis).

Balancing weights integrated in the head compensate for the imbalance set off by the balanced tools, which means that up to 1,200 rpm is possible for turning work. For boring and milling, a 35/45 kW spindle achieves speeds of up to 3,500 rpm. The DBF 1000 / 1250 enables complete machining with a consistent axial and radial run-out of 5 - 6 µm on the part, which reduces the time and other effort required for clasping, temporary storage and new setting-up each time.

Technical Data DFB 1000 / DFB 1250

X/Y/Z axis 1,700/1,150/1,850 / 2,200/1,500/1,850 mm
Table/pallet side 800 x 1,000 / 1,000 x 1,250 mm
Radial facing slide path ± 35 mm
Torque S1 max. 1,700 Nm
Drilling/milling speed S1 3,500 rpm
Turning speed 500 - 1,200 rpm
Drive power S1 45 kW


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