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Scharmann Ecospeed F HT / F HT2 1010

Scharmann Ecospeed F HT / F HT2 1010
Scharmann Ecospeed F HT / F HT2 1010
Scharmann Ecospeed F HT / F HT2 1010
Scharmann Ecospeed F HT / F HT2 1010

This high-speed machining center is perfect for rapid cutting of small and mediumsized workpieces with maximum productivity. The critical innovation is the Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head, which enables components to be produced with excellent dynamics and precision and an outstanding surface quality, at batch sizes of a single unit through to bulk production. The excellent machining and surface quality means that there is no need for the manual rework that is usually required with conventional machining centers. This results in increased efficiency, improved process reliability and long-term stability. The key features include 1,000 x 1,000 mm pallet size, up to 120 kW spindle power and rapid tool change, from either a chain or rack magazine.

The table with the work piece moves horizontally in the X-axis while the headstock traverses on the stationary column to provide Y-axis movement. Z-axis, A-axis and B-axis movement is provided by the Sprint Z3 head with an additional positioning axis provided by the rotary table.

Technical Data Ecospeed F HT / Ecospeed F HT2 1010

Travel distance X/Y/Z axis 1,250/1,350/670 / 1,600/1,600/670 mm
Rapid feed X/Y/Z axis 50 m/min
Acceleration in all axes 9.81 m/sec2
Pallet size 1,000 x 1,000 mm
Motor spindle S1 120/83/30,000 kW/Nm/rpm


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