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Ex-Demo HAAS VF-2SS VMC 12,000rpm

Ex-Demo HAAS VF-2SS VMC 12,000rpm
Ex-Demo HAAS VF-2SS VMC 12,000rpm

Haas VF-2SS Super Speed VMC
Ex-Demo Haas F1 Team Showroom

The Haas F1 Team showroom in Banbury is being restocked. A limited number of low hours CNC machines have become available.

Low Hours • Big Savings • Full Warranty • Fast Delivery


Haas Automation's VF-2SS is based on the shop-proven Haas VF-2 platform (762 x 406 x 508mm travels), the Super Speed VF-2 comes standard with an innovative 12,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle, an ultra-fast tool changer and 35m/min rapids.

The unique inline, direct-drive system couples the drive directly to the spindle rather than using belts. Less vibration, less heat and less noise than other drive systems provides better surface finishes, thermal stability and very quiet operation.

The newly designed 24+1 side-mount tool changer uses lighter materials and a high-performance servo motor, for tool changes that take less than 1.6 seconds tool to tool. High-pitch ballscrews and high-torque servo motors on all axes provide rapids of 35m/min.

Call 01603 760539 for further details on the Haas range of CNC machine tools or to discuss your requirements with a Haas expert. 


More info here: www.haas.co.uk/vf2ss.html


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