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KERN MICRO 5 axis Machining Centre from Rainford Precision

The NEW KERN MICRO 5 axis compact machining centre brings the machining of high and ultra-precision workpieces to a new level!, being only 1.5 metres wide yet incorporating a tool cabinet with a standard 101 tool position extendable to 209 quite easily. The HSK25 spindle with speeds from 500 to 50,000 rpm is capable of using tools up to 150 mm long or 70 mm diameter.

An alternative HSK40 spindle with speeds from 500 to 42,000 rpm (15 kW) and through the tool coolant capability is also available. With HSK 40 the tool cabinet can have 18, 90 or 186 positions.

The 5 axis machine uses a knuckle head design with a B-axis swivel of -110 to +110 and C-axis capable of 200 rpm, includes an automatic power chuck for the quick, easy and accurate clamping of workpieces, this ensures that the later retrofitting of a workpiece changer can be integrated problem free.

To ensure KERN’s reputation for Ultra precision machining is maintained a unique central temperature management system for all axes and spindle is standard in the machine.

Travels:        X-350mm        Y-280mm        Z-250mm

Accuracy on the workpiece +/- .002 mm (in 3 axis operation)



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