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KERN NANO CNC Machining Centre available from Rainford Precision


The KERN PYRAMID NANO CNC machining centre is one of the highest precision machines available for regular production in the world. The portal frame of the Pyramid Nano is symmetrical which allows for maximum rigidity and combined with a newly developed KERN AMORITH base material provides extraordinary vibration dampening properties and low thermal conductivity.

Each axis has its own separate temperature controlled cooling circuit, which is managed to a tolerance of ±0.25°C. Its unique design of hydrostatic guideways in all 3 linear axes and hydrostatic drives ensures that the finest of surface finishes can easily be achieved.

Two spindle options are available 500 to 50,000 rpm with an HSK25 spindle nose and 200 to 36,000 rpm with an HSK40 spindle nose. Both spindles are vector controlled (spindle orientation).

The spindle options have an influence on the tool magazine capacities with the HSK25 having a standard magazine of 32 with an option of 63 or 95, while the HSK40 has options of 50 and 75 positions with a standard of 25 positions.

A laser tool measurement system is situated on the front of the machine by the operator to ensure maximum accuracy (ability to measure the tool while it is close to the workpiece) and this is complemented by options on the infra-red workpiece touch probes with accuracies of 2 μm or 0.03 μm.

Whether working in 3 or 5 axis modes a workpiece changing system can be used with either a simple 20 position internal system or an external system capable of changing different sized pallets.



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