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KERN TRITON 5 axis Machining Centre from Rainford Precision

The KERN TRITON 5 axis machining centre perfectly combines surface quality and accuracy with productivity. Bigger components can now be machined and larger chip volumes removed even with ultra-high precision machining. A powerful milling spindle with a high pressure through the tool coolant system, high torque and up to 40,000 rpm, HSK 40 spindle makes this possible.

The machine is designed for both fully 5 axis simultaneous machining and 3 axis machining. Through a special arrangement of the 4th and 5th axes, the KERN TRITON combines the benefits of both machining concepts.

The hydrostatic guideways remove any mechanical connection between the axes table and the machine base and environment, thus avoiding all vibration transmissions. The stick-slip effect of the guides commonly found in machine tools is eliminated, allowing jolt free positioning in even the smallest of increments. The temperature controlled hydrostatic oil circulation also ensures permanent stability of the axis temperatures – even with long machining times.

A large tool magazine capacity (25, 50 or 75 tools), very fast tool change time, preparation for the integration of an automatic workpiece changing system and the Heidenhain CNC controller form the basis for maximum productivity, equally suitable for one-off production or series production of precision parts.


Travels X = 500 mm Y = 500 mm Z = 400 mm


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