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Mitsubishi FA40-S from HK Technology

Mitsubishi FA40-S from HK Technology

In the best sense of the word, the FA-S Advance Series is a universal EDM machine that can increase your competitive edge through low operating costs and short processing times. With cutting speeds up to 500mm²/min, surface finishes of less than 0.15µm Ra, wire diameters from 0.1 - 0.36mm and the best parallelism and simple processing of even the most different materials. 

The numerous automatic functions on the FA40-S, coupled with the solid, durable construction and the linear measuring system, ensure lasting results that are reproducible. The FA40-S is a colossal machine with an overall weight of 7500kg and a tank weight without filing of 680kg. The FA40-S can accommodate workpieces up to 1550 by 1300 by 395mm that can sit on the 1360 by 1175mm table. 

Your requirements for a modern wire eroding system are highly varied and your customer's demands will continue to rise. The FA-S Advance is the solution for realising compound tools, graphite electrodes, gear moulds, profiles, plastic mouldings and single-part or serial production quickly and reliably.

Designed for workpieces of up to 4 tonnes, the machine guarantees unparalleled rigidity and stability. Furthermore, there is the high-resolution digital controlled direct drive system (0.05 µm resolution) and a generously dimensioned all-screw; both features guarantee continuous precision over an extremely long working life. The table for workpiece clamping with its vertical sliding door has been ergonomically designed with the operator in mind. 

Ease of maintenance is a core design feature demonstrated by the patented self-cleaning system of the working tank seal plate as well as the fully automatic central lubrication system. These are only a few examples of the intelligent design applied to Mitsubishi´s latest FA-Series machine. 

The FA-S Advance generates outstanding, precise results - not only under laboratory conditions, but also in day-to-day activities. After all, this is ultimately the decisive factor for end users. Astonish your customers with exceptional results and reasonable prices made possible by the most progressive technology and low operating costs.



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