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Mitsubishi FA50-S Advance now available

Mitsubishi FA50-S Advance now available

The FA-S Advance Series of EDM machines from Mitsubishi are the solution for your manufacturing process if you are producing large components. You can realise compound tools, graphite electrodes, gear moulds, profiles, plastic mouldings and single-part or serial production quickly and reliably with the FA-S Advance.

The FA50-S covers the complete application range, particularly when considering the demands from the medical, aircraft and space industry sectors. As the world-wide leader in spark erosion, Mitsubishi Electric delivers outstanding reliability and operational safety in spark erosion.

The FA50-S offers axes travel of 1300 by 1000 by 400 in X, Y and Z axes with the facility to process components up to 2m by 1.6m by 395mm. Facilitating workpieces up to 4000kg, the FA50-S has table dimensions of 1660 by 1375mm with possible wire diameters from 0.2 to 0.36mm.

Designed for workpieces of up to 4 tonnes, the FA50-S has high-resolution digital controlled direct drive system and a generously dimensioned ballscrew, including 10 years warranty on positioning accuracy. Both features guarantee continuous precision over an extremely long working life. The table for workpiece clamping with its vertical sliding door has been ergonomically designed with the operator in mind.

Ease of maintenance is a core design feature demonstrated by the patented self-cleaning system of the working tank seal plate as well as the fully automatic central lubrication system. These are only a few examples of the intelligent design applied to Mitsubishi´s latest FA-Series machine.

The Automatic Threading System (AT) threads the wire in only 10 seconds and combined with the standard wire chopper, end users will achieve ultimate speed, safety and comfort. Overall machine operation is made easy with all the operating and maintenance elements easily reached. If you are off site, you can still have access to the machine functions via the Telecontrol system. This function allows you to control and monitor your eroding system through a datalink in real time. Another monitoring option is the intelligent Telecontact system. It allows users to transfer machine messages via SMS to a mobile phone.

The new Advance control based on the Mitsubishi CNC M700 is captivating due to its user-friendliness and reliability. In spite of its complex range of functions, it can be operated intuitively via a control concept based on Windows software. The logical menu structure and uncomplicated design allow you to quickly and reliably achieve your goal. Customers can run a 2D or 3D simulation of a program before or during the processing. The optimal generator setting creates the expert system E.S.P.E.R from the processing parameters. Operational control is performed via a sturdy 15" touch screen monitor, fixed function keys for commands most often used, as well as keyboard and mouse. The control can be linked to a network by using the standard Ethernet card. Data can also be exchanged independently from the network by way of two USB ports via USB flash drive.


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