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Mitsubishi MV2400 available from HK

Mitsubishi MV2400  available from HK

The next generation EDM solution from Mitsubishi is an economical production unit that combines high cutting speed, precision and low power consumption. This new MV2400R Series of EDM machines introduce a host of new technology. 

The new MV2400R EDM machine reacts with greater speed and precision and achieves better surface quality faster. This is credit to a new V350 generator that has a significantly higher effective clock rate. The voltage is built up faster and with greater precision thanks to reduced capacitance loss. Thanks to faster voltage build-up; spark duration and working voltage can be lowered. 

The proven digital fine finishing generator (D-FS) is also optionally available for the MV-R Series. This enables customers to achieve surface finishes as good as Ra 0.2µm in the standard version by using the V350 generator with H-FS technology.

The MV2400R has travel of 600 by 400 by 310 in the X, Y and Z axes with a 840 by 640mm table and a 10m wire spool capacity. Capable of accepting a maximum workpiece of 1050 by 820 by 305mm, the 3500kg machine has an 860litre tank capacity.

Introducing non-contact and therefore wear-free direct drive Tubular Shaft Motor, this highly responsive control fully exploits the benefits of high communication speed – marking a new chapter for erosion processes. With less wire consumption and less power consumption, the new MV2400R ensures economic benefits that pay-off year after year. Reliable, man-free operation is ensured by the patented wire threading around the clock.

The MV2400R has an optical drive system with linear scales, a digital AE II generator, an automatic front door and an Ethernet connection as many of the standard features.

End users can also customise the MV-R Series with 3D probing that can be mounted on the machine head, a 20kg wire station for larger spools, warning lamps for monitoring machine status and a Digital FS system for achieving the finest possible surface finishes. From a functionality perspective, customers can add a servo controlled B-axis, a rotational swivel axis and a mini-rotational axis with a rotating spindle fully integrated in the machine control.


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