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Mitsubishi MX600 wire EDM for auto threading - HK Technology

Mitsubishi MX600 wire EDM for auto threading - HK Technology
Mitsubishi MX600 wire EDM for auto threading - HK Technology

The impressive MX600 Series wire EDM machine from Mitsubishi is ideal for automatic threading in the tiniest bores, even in difficult applications. The innovative flow analysis for the jet stream takes the effort out of your work. The entire process has been optimised to the point where wire diameters of 0.03–0.20 mm can be threaded with absolute dependability.

The MX has a working X, Y and Z axis of 300 by 200 by 180mm with 70mm travel in U & V-axes, which permits the working on parts up to 620 by 610 by 100mm. The MX600 has a range of special features including the nPV Generator designed for oil dielectric that provides extended tool life for cutting punches and other similarly stressed components. The new nPV Generator succeeds in using the same quantity of energy to machine the material while significantly reducing the energy peaks on the workpiece. This is achieved by applying lower energy to the workpiece at higher frequency. The various units of the generator have been perfectly matched, making it possible to achieve a good erosion rate combined with a superlative surface finish.

From an operational perspective, users can generate NC data with ease. Machining technologies are assigned intuitively and with menu guidance so customers can optimise the parameters of the machining technologies and store these as an ME-Pack. Customers can import 3D data in Parasolid® format and create 3D shapes with the integrated 3D CAD/CAM. By using these features, you can generate NC data with the associated machining parameters. Even more precise results are achieved with intelligent analysis of the machining conditions by the Power Master 3D that thinks ahead.


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